Music of Timor: an online exhibit for the ITLSC meeting at AAS 2017


Sur Quelques Distiques Buna’ (1959)

Sur Quelques Distiques Buna’ (Timor Central) (1959) may be the most that Berthe ever wrote on the subject of Timorese music. In this article Berthe writes of the way that the annual agricultural cycle structures the ritual calendar of the Bunaq in Lamaknen, and he goes into a nice degree of detail about each of the major celebrations that accompany events of harvest and sowing. He writes lovingly of the singing and dancing that occurs as a part of each event: young and old, men and women, gathered together, lit by torches, sweaty from the rain and the journey and the day’s events, dancing rounds and singing together until dawn (339). 

Chants des Ema (1979)

In 1979, French record label Le Chant du Monde published 14 of Clamagirand's recordings on LP as part a series called Editions Musée de l'Homme-CNRS. The recording has long since gone out of print, but it is archived and made available to the public, along with excellent French and English liner notes written by Clamagirand, at the Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie: