Eric Dolphy

Been listening to ‘Out to Lunch’ yesterday and today. What a record. Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, Eric Dolphy, Richard Davis, Tony Williams. Kickin. Hubbard sounds a bit out of place on the first couple of tunes (though Hat & Beard is a fully awesome tribute to Monk anyway), but settles in on Gazzeloni and the title track. I think Gazzelloni is my favourite tune. Be fun to play one day. Keeping this one on rotation for a while, if I can get away with listening to anything other than my World Music assignments.

Edit: Check out this cool interview with Bobby Hutcherson about Eddie Armour (the original trumpet player with this ensemble) & Eric Dolphy, and how Freddy Hubbard became the player on this record:

Clark Terry, Sonny Rollins, Monk, etc.

I went through and tried to catch the last few days of listening when I started this thing, but my memory’s not so good. So here’s a few things I’ve been listening to over the last couple of weeks that didn’t make it into other posts.

Clark Terry, Sonny Rollins, Lots of Monk, Charlie Haden, Lisa Della Casa, Lester Young, Stan Kenton, The Duke, Vince Guaraldi, Lots of Miles, Art Farmer & Benny Golson, Coleman Hawkins, and then we start going too far back to remember. Highlights:

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Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Jimmy Giuffre & Keith Jarrett

Today I listened to Bright Moments by Rahsaan Roland Kirk & a record called The Jimmy Giuffre 3 by Jimmy Giuffre.

Kirk is a giant. Bright moments starts really heavy, getting a little tired by the end. Pedal Up, where Kirk quotes Satin Doll in its entirety, and the spoken word piece Clickety Clack are highlights for sure. The NO thing near the end is OK, I guess, and jitterbug waltz is pretty cool, too.

Jimmy Giuffre 3 was totally not what I expected – really nice sparse 3 piece (guitar, bass, clarinet) playing very inside. AMAZING tone.

I almost forgot that I also listened to Keith Jarret’s Köln Concert. Nice record, a lot less ‘jazzy’ than I expected – lots of modal rock-y harmonies and nice melodic themes and variations. I thought I could hear snippets of lots of pop tunes (More than Words? I Can See Clearly?) in the melodies, which is interesting when you think that this concert predates from 1975 those hits by several years. Was I making it up? Or is something else going on?

Listening Project

So I thought I might write a diary to keep track of the music I’ve been listening to each day. I try to spend an hour or so listening to something I haven’t heard (or at least something good) every day, so I’ll list those here & see how it goes. I back-dated a couple of these, so they’re out of order, but whatever. The idea isn’t so much that I’ll be saying something smart or interesting, but just to collect my thoughts so I don’t forget.