Music of Timor site

I made an online exhibit for the Indonesia Timor-Leste Studies Committee 2017 meeting at AAS in Toronto. The exhibit lists researchers who have studied music in Timor, with links to their work and audio and video examples. You can check it out here: Note: I’ve taken the site down for a time to make some changes to the content. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch with me here if you have questions.

Summer Travels 2016

All posts seem to begin with ‘it’s been a while since I posted’. Maybe there should be a wordpress plugin for adding that sentence.

Anyway, it has, at least in part because I was busy traveling all over the world this summer for research-related activities. Here’s a little roundup:

A summer of amazing opportunities and adventures. I’m trying to process the material I gathered while I was there, and if I can manage to post it here I will.

Reflections on Locations & Dislocations

I attended & presented at a conference in Princeton New Jersey this weekend called Locations and Dislocations: An Ecomusicological Conversation. Very nice folks, a great conversational vibe, and a lot of excellent papers. Some of the things swimming around in my mind post-conference:

  • wilderness is a product of civilization; the concept exists because the opposite exists
  • what gets to count as nature is a political discourse, and the concept of rural spaces, linked to ideas of noise and silence, can be contentious and divisive
  • ambisonic recording devices are super-cool
  • thinking about the Niagara escarpment makes me cry
  • the Santa Fe Opera House is weird
  • glass things make neat sounds
  • bamboo things make neat sounds too
  • sound engineers are performers whose performance is supposed to be invisible. especially interesting to think about performing this invisibility in the context of racialized labour in the US
  • it’s possible to stop flying everywhere, all the time. think about carbon, not cash, as a rate-limiting factor in travel

A good one. And another coming this week:

Research in Timor-Leste

In summer 2015 I spent two months living in Suai, Timor-Leste documenting and recording traditional music.

I was there with Dr. Philip Yampolsky, an ethnomusicologist who has been recording music in rural communities in Southeast Asia for many years. We were working for a Timorese NGO called Timor Aid. Folks can learn a bit about the project we were involved with here:

This is part of my research as a doctoral student in ethnomusicology at UBC. I’m slowly sorting through the material we gathered (100s of hours of footage), and I’ll hopefully post bits and pieces about this work as I go.