Summer Travels 2016

All posts seem to begin with ‘it’s been a while since I posted’. Maybe there should be a wordpress plugin for adding that sentence.

Anyway, it has, at least in part because I was busy traveling all over the world this summer for research-related activities. Here’s a little roundup:

A summer of amazing opportunities and adventures. I’m trying to process the material I gathered while I was there, and if I can manage to post it here I will.

Reflections on Locations & Dislocations

I attended & presented at a conference in Princeton New Jersey this weekend called Locations and Dislocations: An Ecomusicological Conversation. Very nice folks, a great conversational vibe, and a lot of excellent papers. Some of the things swimming around in my mind post-conference:

  • wilderness is a product of civilization; the concept exists because the opposite exists
  • what gets to count as nature is a political discourse, and the concept of rural spaces, linked to ideas of noise and silence, can be contentious and divisive
  • ambisonic recording devices are super-cool
  • thinking about the Niagara escarpment makes me cry
  • the Santa Fe Opera House is weird
  • glass things make neat sounds
  • bamboo things make neat sounds too
  • sound engineers are performers whose performance is supposed to be invisible. especially interesting to think about performing this invisibility in the context of racialized labour in the US
  • it’s possible to stop flying everywhere, all the time. think about carbon, not cash, as a rate-limiting factor in travel

A good one. And another coming this week:

Research in Timor-Leste

In summer 2015 I spent two months living in Suai, Timor-Leste documenting and recording traditional music.

I was there with Dr. Philip Yampolsky, an ethnomusicologist who has been recording music in rural communities in Southeast Asia for many years. We were working for a Timorese NGO called Timor Aid. Folks can learn a bit about the project we were involved with here:

This is part of my research as a doctoral student in ethnomusicology at UBC. I’m slowly sorting through the material we gathered (100s of hours of footage), and I’ll hopefully post bits and pieces about this work as I go.